when I grow up, I want to be a see dog

Nikolaus Heidelbach

A spectacle for families with children from 5 years,

preschools and primary schools

Fotos: TOBEL

"The KUNSTDÜNGER team knows how to put a story on stage, which was nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize in 2012." This legend tells about self-confidence and life.


Father, mother and child live in a lonely house by the sea. The father is a fisherman and the mother knows many stories about the sea, even though she does not even go into the water with her feet. Also, sayings of seals that go ashore, strip off their fur and become human. The fur they treasure like a treasure, so they can go back into the sea, if they have been enough human.

 One day, the child finds an enigmatic sealskin under the bed ...


The play lives from wonderful pictures of the over- and underwater world and a family history, which is often indicated only quietly. Reality, like a surface of water, is broken through again and again, shimmering magically and complexly. A secret may remain a mystery - until the audience decode it themselves.



"A gorgeous story brilliantly played and staged!" Merkur


"Christiane Ahlhelms play looks so easy, so playful, so seductive for eye, ear and imagination. She holds the suspense by clownesk exaggerated gesture and facial expressions, by the back and forth between soft and spirited play." Cultural visions

play/concept: Christiane Ahlhelm

director: Michl Thorbecke

text: Christiane Ahlhelm & Sibylle Kobus

stagedesign: Sibylle Kobus

costume: Bascha Schaucher

premiere: 2.12. 2017

stage (minimum):   4 m x 5 m  x 3 m

duration of the play:       45 Minuten

Rights: Julius Beltz & Gelberg Verlag


sponsored by:

Kulturreferat München,  Gemeinde Valley, Bezirk Oberbayern