the princess arrives at four o´clock

Wolf Dietrich Schnurre

A spectacle for children from 4 years and adults

Zeichnung Hannah Schröder
Zeichnung Hannah Schröder

Every day a well-behaved little person goes to the zoo and visits the animals:


 the dangerous, the funny and the big ones!
Everything is great, but it's always the same ... One day, it gets to know the hyena,


who is ugly and stinks and has ticks – but she is also exciting and different, and besides, she has a secret: she is an enchanted princess and the spell can only be broken with coffee, cake and Corned beef...Should one trust a hyena?
Courageously and heroic, the little person invites the hyena and everything is ready at 4 pm! The hyena comes, eats and drinks noisily, farts and crumbles – but she does not transform. A real reason to get angry, right? But the little person is not disappointed,


such a wild animal is an adventure after all!


A masterful story of outsider hood and acceptance.





A wonderful piece, an exciting, fast-paced staging, an intelligent, changeable stage design and two great and perfectly coordinated actresses, highly recommended."  Kulturvison


concept: Christiane Ahlhelm

play: Christiane Ahlhelm & Lydia Starkulla

director: Michl Thorbecke

stagedesign: Sibylle Kobus

premiere: 17.12.2015, Kulturzentrum 2411, München


stage (minimum): 4m x 5 m x 2,7m high

duration of the play:       45 Minuten


sponsored by:

Kulturreferat München, Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee, Gemeinde Valley, Bezirk Oberbayern


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