Hannah and the beanstalk

for children and families

Hannah and the beanstalk


Based on the fairytale by Joseph Jacobs


The story about a child, who finds the courage to make the right decision with ease




Hannah lives with her mother poor and lonely on the fringes of a village. One day, the only cow stops giving milk and Hannah is told sell her on the market. But instead, she makes a deal. Without money but with five magic beans in her pocket, she returns home and buries the magic beans. The beans grow and grow and grow, until eventually, they reach the clouds. Hannah climbs up the beanstalk, which leads her directly into an adventure in the world of giants.





“There were no limits to the enthusiasm of the audience – a charming piece from Kunstdünger” Merkur




“Christiane Ahlhelms’ presence fills the whole stage. Playing a cackling hen, she is gorgeously funny. And when she moves around with the cardboard figure of the giant, or even plays the giant herself, it is a fantastic metamorphosis.” Kulturvision



Ensembleproduktion :


concept/play:               Christiane Ahlhelm

director:                          Michl Thorbecke & Team

stagedesign/puppets: Sibylle Kobus

musik:                              Annegret Enderle

dramaturgy:                    Xenia Bühler

costume:                         Bascha Schaucher

Paintings:                        Hannah Schröder

Fotos:                               Manfred Lehner


premiere: 10.12.19      HochX, München


stage (minimum) :                4 m x 5 m x 3 m high

duration of the show:          45 minutes

sponsored by: Kulturreferat München, Bezirk Oberbayern, Gemeinde Valley