Sneaky path

A performance with few words, spectacular stage design and lots of room for imagination

Audience: from 4 years onwards, primary school and families

Meet the unfamiliar and get involved!  

Sometimes, changes help us notice our souroundings more thorough. Imagine what would happen, if we get home from school, the door is closed, and no one is there? A cheerful child is taken out of its daily routine and waits in boredom… Meanwhile, living very close in a parallel world, a mysterious creature is usually overlooked… Suddenly the child notices that it is not alone and that someone seems extremely interested in its schoolbag. Their encounter is followed by an adventurous chase ending in the paper cave of the mysterious creature. Getting to know a strange world requires courage, curiosity, understanding for one another and one or the other sneaky path to reach a destination together.  „Sneaky path“ is told using 55 meters of fabric on two vertical rolls, which allow the to- and fro-, front and back as well as up and down! A mechanical roller coaster ride for eyes, heart, and imagination! 


Press:„…(Theater Kunstdünger) one of the most exciting independent children’s theaters in the region“ SZ

tecnical needs:

Stage Minimum:   4 m  x 5 m  x 3 m hight

light/sound:          very simple

Duration:             45 minutes


Sponsor: Kulturreferat München, Bezirk Oberbayern,  Gemeinde Valley, Neustart Kultur